Mentoring Program

Mentoring- “THE PLUG” program provides a safe space gathering that meet twice weekly during school and/or on Saturdays at local schools, community centers, youth serving organizations and our own facilities. A typical group serves 10-15 students. A typical session features a guided conversation/activity led by one highly trained Adult Program Coordinator and an assistant. Topics might include school, relationships with family and friends, careers, conflict resolution, health or whatever the students identify as pressing issues for them.

THE PLUG addresses the interconnected issues of poverty, teen pregnancy, violence, and lack of educational attainment at their very roots, by working with students during the critical teen years, when personal choices that are made can have lifelong consequences. THE PLUG builds leadership skills and character traits such as honesty, personal accountability, learning to listen to the viewpoints of others, clear communication, critical thinking about life and its choices and sound decision-making. Through goal-setting, our students work on reaching tangible goals. These skills are essential to success in school, work and life.

Additional program elements include ongoing academic support, annual college tour, community field trips, guest speakers, and many other unique components. We also understand that some habits have already been established by the teen years, so we’ve developed enrichment programs for elementary and middle school students to prepare them for our signature teen programs.

The Plug Promise

The students recite the PLUG Promise at each gathering:

We are THE PLUG and we are operating at our best.

THE PLUG helps me to:

  • Believe in myself
  • Understand that through my voice and talents I can make a difference
  • Understand others, the community, and myself
  • Go confidently in the direction of my dreams
  • Acquire knowledge through new ideas and self-exploration
  • Lay the foundation for my life
  • Unlock my unique potential
  • Utilize my intellectual, emotional, and spiritual resources
  • We are powerful and when connected to the source, we won’t leave here like we came!

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development

We offer and Entrepreneurship & Leadership development program serving students ages 13-21. Kingdom Kare works with students to provide academic achievement, college and career training, as well as tools for serving their community.